Monday, March 7, 2011

oh snap

1 weekend, 2 completed projects, 13 inches of snow.


(Love that squiggly line down the front)

Cascadia is DONE, after over a year, and after all the sturm und drang and stuff at least they're cozy. I knit the large size when I definitely should have gone with medium so they're more slipper socks than anything I would try and stuff in my shoes and wear out of the house. Re: my fears of running out of yarn - I had exactly enough - about a 4 inch tail after binding off the cuff.

I finished those on Saturday and we had a little extra time this morning to snap pictures, because outside it looked like this:


and we had to wait for the plow to come...which made me glad that yesterday I finished this:

jim's red scarf

Look! Just like Hobbes! At least the red scarf is getting some wear during the same SEASON it was cast on.

Once again because I'm just so surprised: 1 weekend! 2 projects! What do I knit now? Maybe my other eight WIPs?


Anonymous said...

wow! SO impressive! all that gorgeous red, and 2 FOs, good job. i love the socks, need to queue that pattern. :)

Linda said...

Very nice knits and lovely reds too!