Saturday, April 9, 2011



Mmm, red cotton ramen! Isabella is turning out to be the project of many troubles. I dug it out today to get to work on fixing what I thought would just be the top few inches of the front. Did a quasi-fitting (i.e. held it up against my torso and glared at it in the mirror) and decided that was still going to be at least an inch short, midriff-wise. Thus: major rippage.

I ended up with two chunks of yarn: one free and one attached to the work. The free chunk is currently hanging up to dry after a long soak in the sink to try and stretch out the kinks. For the working yarn I'm just going to try knitting a few rows, and if it's not too offensive-looking, I won't bother refreshing it.

This right here? Is why I usually just make scarves.