Saturday, July 3, 2010

meet cascadia


My first Rockin' Sock Club sock, from January's shipment. Apparently I am super sock knitting lady now. Check it:

I seem to have a thing for crazy cables these days. K3tog through the back loops, anyone? I finally started to get the hang of it near the end of the leg. Hopefully I don't forget how to do this by the time I make it to the leg of the second sock, which, okay, I started this one in...January. Here's hoping it's not 2011 before you see its partner.

These are my first toe-up socks and I'm undecided about this technique. It was fun being able to try on easily as I progressed up the foot, but I found the heel really confusing and I had a hard time getting the right tension binding off on the cuff (you can see that it's still a little tight). Knitting socks cuff-down has always been pretty intuitive for me. Maybe it's a matter of breaking old habits at this point.

The pattern is written such that the cables on the back and pointies on the front continue through the cuff, but I really prefer a snugger fit so I worked 6 rows of ribbing instead. I probably could have gone a size smaller on these, but they'll be nice cozy slippers when winter comes. I'm not in love with these. I think I prefer socks that are more...streamlined? But the colorway is super cheerful, and the pattern goes pretty quickly when you actually KNIT IT rather than leaving it to languish in a dresser drawer.