Sunday, February 21, 2010

happy sunday

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post. I've decided I do like the blue beads/purple yarn combo... I think I just needed to work with it for a little while, and to hear other people say that it looked all right. And so the shawl continues apace.

aeolian progress 2/20/10

I'm having a lot of fun knitting now that I can see the pattern emerging. I still feel like my progress is super slow, but what can you do? I'm through 2.5 repeats of the Yucca chart, and I have to do 12 total. And then, you know, the other three or four charts. Yikes!

Other happenings at Chez Orange Cat this weekend:





and kitties saying "play with me!!"


Jenny said...

The shawl looks very pretty, I like that there is a slight difference in colour between the yarn and the beads. And I bet you're going to love it when it's done, I know for sure I live my Aeolian!

And the last kitty pic is adorable! I also have an orange cat, a Devon rex named Hobbe, and they are just the sweetest things!

Anonymous said...

Those crepes look delicious! I want some. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the blue/purple combo too... very pretty! Love the pics... your cat is adorable. :)

Kate said...

I love how the shawl is coming along! It's going to be gorgeous! Also, your little cat is so beautiful! I've always loved orange cats, but for some reason have never had one. What a sweet little face!

Linda said...

The shawl is lovely with those beads. I enjoyed your pictures too especially cat!

Penny Shanks said...

Knitting can be an exercise in meditation, learning timelessness . . . or marathon training. It's not about the goal--it's the journey and the ability to persist. I'm looking forward to the next photo update! (And Julie says to tell you, you have motivated she and the girls to get the yarn back out and finish their projects.)

goldenbird said...

Oh, that is such a cute picture of your orange cat. Your Aeolian shawl is looking great! I just looked at the finished shawl on Knitty and wow, it is gorgeous. I would love to make one but it's a bit out of my league right now. Maybe down the road a bit ...