Sunday, October 11, 2009

orange cat knits neck accessories

I finished the broomstick lace scarf a while ago, but it's hard to to take pictures of your knitting when your photographer (i.e. boyfriend) goes out of town for a week. And takes his camera with him, which you need because you lost yours on a work trip last spring (working the owl shift for a week being non-conducive to remembering all your belongings when you pack up to leave).

I mean, hypothetically.

I totally love it, it was a fun project, great yarn, and perfect for fall. I had about two feet of yarn left after making the fringe, which ended up being a good toy for this guy:

who is currently sitting on my lap and making it difficult to do the blogging thing, so here is a picture of my Pretty Thing:

Problem: I'm using my tiny skein of Jacques Cartier Qivuik, which is awesome, which is great, except that buying that yarn was pretty much the sole reason for buying the Luxury 1-Skein Wonders book pictured here, which means I need to find a different project from that book to put on The List. Small price to pay - I was one of THOSE knitters who loved this pattern from the first time Stephanie posted it, and even though I wasn't one of the ones harassing her about it because I'm quiet like that, I probably thought about it at least once a month and wished and hoped and pined for a written pattern.

I hope it fits over my gigantic head, which I learned since starting this project is 25 inches in circumference.

P.S. Boyfriend demands that I mention the Hourglass sweater progress. It's recovered from its tragic frogging and I'm about halfway through the body increases. However, it's still to freaking boring to photograph. Go go gadget miles of stockinette!


kate said...

I love the scarf! What yarn is that? It really is perfect for the stitch pattern... I can't wait to see what THAT pattern looks like. The whole thing is so beautiful! Will you post a bunch of WIP pictures? I'd love to see how it all works out. Happy Knitting!

Bridget said...

What a beautiful scarf - the color, the pattern, all of it!

I love your kitty's sweet face, too.

Anonymous said...

Very nice scarf! It's a gorgeous color.

Kate said...

@kate, the blue yarn is Colinette Jitterbug. Sadly I have no WIP photos, I still haven't mastered the art of taking decent-looking pictures of WIPs that actually show what's going on! I made the pattern up using this tutorial from stitchdiva. Be careful, broomstick lace is addicting!