Sunday, August 30, 2009


Want to see my progress on the Hourglass sweater?

Join for work in the round
not to twist.



katecreates said...

Awww... The frog pond! The hourglass really is a beautiful sweater- it's worth it! I hate casting on- just to rip it out again. Good luck!

Nalamienea said...

LOL did it get twisted?

Kate said...

Ayup, I was knitting a mobius strip for about 2 inches before I realized :(

photoknitdog said...

Oh no! I hate frogging... but at least it was still at the beginning of it!

gilding said...

I knit through college and grad school. Thanks for the kind words about my ongoing Periodic Table. I really like your taste in colors.

Linda said...

Never be afraid of frogging, its important to achieve perfection!! I love the colour of the yarn.